Soft Lips


To always lips were soft and well-groomed, but it did not lose its organic fine, it is indispensable to competently use alternate means of purchased with home - these recipes keep always had lots of gerls, but in our time, forgot about the size of them, and it is in vain.

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Grinding face at home


Following a treatment the face is red, and tingling felt for approximately time. Less than one time it all goes away, but a street is consummate at this time to go, however this cover is good to do on the weekends. The skin can peel off a little for a any days, but it is also - need apply a moisturizer on your skin type, but not immediately after the process.

To address a problems with a skin, the cover with concoctions to do every week, for a total of at least 83 times. Of the a few treatments a facial skin becomes lighter, will present organic color, and scars and bumps will be smoothed.

Should not be used for extended bodyagu vessels in the face, inflammation, irritation, sensitive and thin facial skin also does not tolerate such procedures.

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Covers for Facial skin Rejuvenation


Mask with milk: hot natural milk to be added as much flour to the mix looked like sour serum, then throw in the boiled egg, blend and use a mixing to a clean out face. Hold 20 minutes and wash with h2o and a little lemon juice.

Rejuvenates as well cover the protein, honey (1 teaspoonful) and mealy (2 tsp.) Protein shake up in a foam, throw in the floury and honey, stir nicely, and 20 minutes to put on cleansed face. Rinse off with warm aqua.

Simple potatoes well to rejuvenate a facial skin, particularly very dry - shine nice and not even more fine lines. You just boil a potatoes in a skins for a couple, clean, stretch and in a shape of heating applied to the facial skin. After 20 min, rinse with soft water. For mashed potatoes, It is possible to append a some natural milk or fluid.

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Start a face rejuvenation can cleanse - gently and nicely cleanses the skin scrub with brown saccharose and papaya. Good papaya clean out, 0.5 stretch in pulp and mix with cane sugar (1 teaspoonful.) Apply the mixture on a facial skin without touching the eye space, massaging in a circular motion and leave for some 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water, the skin immediately posvezheet and get tender. Instead of papaya can take apple.

Cleansing fluid or natural milk can be replaced with veggie oils like grape seed butter, almond, olive and other cosmetics disk dipped in hot water, put on a few drops of butter and rub the facial skin of a massage lines.

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Folk remedies for skin wrinkles around a skin eyes and crow's feet


A simple but efficacious way to care about the skin around the eyes - ice. It improves blood circulation in a facial skin, production the facial skin more elastic and improves skin tone. Want pour into molds for ice clean drinking water and put in a freezer: 12 hours are obtained ice cubes, you can apply.

Even good acts of pure water ice mixed with milk 1:1. May be poured into molds and decoctions of herbs - parsley, chamomile, calendula, and apply to get ice in a reasonable and evening, gently rubbing a face around the skin eyes.

Cover of wrinkles around a skin eyes

Extremely simple and effectual a following covers:

Melted warm natural honey (1 soup spoon) to connect with a beaten eggs white, throw in a little flour and mix fine. The mix in a configuration of warmth gently used to a skin around a skin eyes. When it has cooled, wash off with warm water.

Quick and easy it is to do milk compresses: moisten cosmetic discs in boiling milk and put it on the skin eyes for 5 minutes.

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Raspberry wrinkles


Mask with beaten eggs helps to polish out skin wrinkles. To add protein mashed raspberries (2 teaspoonful), stirred for 20 min, put on a facial skin and wash off with cool water.

Skin wrinkles appear later, if every morning to wipe a face of cosmetic ice cubes decoction of leaves of raspberry and lime blossom, or cubes of frozen raspberry extract. Having skin wrinkles will smooth out, it will be consummate if you will not washing with water from the tap, and a same broth, diluting it with boiled water.

Refreshes the type of mask with raspberry nectar and milk. Milk and nectar are mix in equal parts, dipped in this mix and gauze for 15-20 minutes, use them to the skin. Wash with hot h2o. In the like way to make a cover for very dry skin, if later sun face however it tightens.

For oily skin lotion is prepared by diluting the fresh juice (1:1) broth celandine and daisies, a person wipe it every time.

Young and combination skin can be cleaned with raspberry face lotion infused vodka.

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Covers for Face Rejuvenation


For a making of anti-aging masks from herbs wish to take equal parts of lime leaves, strawberry, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw substances well crushed, assorted, and pour 4 tablespoons mixture with stewing water - so so to obtain a paste. When a mixture cools down, for 15 minutes applied to a facial skin and neck, Carefully wash off with cool h2o.

With the juice of a aloe plant healing home can cook excellent rejuvenating homemade mask. In a porcelain or glass cup blend aloe breeding juice (years 1 tbsp) of olive butter (1 tsp), and a mix is used to the pre-steamed facial skin. Later Fifteen minutes, the mask is removed with a damp cloth, and a top cause another - beaten with teaspoon saline raw eggs white, hold for 10 min and washing off with hypericum tincture or sage. After the cover is applied to the face diet food.

A highly useful and nutritious cover is obtained with a big banana, yogurt (TWO soup spoon) and honey (1 tbsp.) Yoghurt and honey mix with mashed pulp banana pulp is applied to a face, hold for 15-20 min and bath off with warm h2o.

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